FIBA Referee Instructor Program (FRIP) – Americas – Level 1 – Day 4 – Sunday – 28 April 2019 (Schedule – Photos – Videos)

Place: Panama City – Panama
Date: 28 April 2019
Organizers: FIBA Headquarters and FIBA Americas

Theme: Teaching & Learning & Refereeing

Refereeing: My challenges when helping referees
Workshop R1 / 3-4 groups
a) what topics or activities are my challenges
b) cross-check
c) conclusions

Module R2-R3: Hardcore of the modules
Workshop R2 part 1 / 3-4 groups:
a) Prepare a presentation/activity – key issues of the Modules R2 & R3
b) Presentation of the keys issues by each group.

Module R2-R3: Hardcore of the modules
Workshop R2 part 2 / 3-4 groups:
a) Prepare a training activity of part 1
b) Presentation of the training

Review of the main principles of Modules R2 & R3
• Video – Presentation / Summary 159-200

How to identify the missing part of information or understanding?
• Creating and using correct questions.
• On-court & physical training (drills)
• Talk & Walkthrough
• Using of experts and active referees
• On court & basketball / group

The practical training methods

Refereeing: Online Assessment
• Test On-line Assessment on Modules R1-R3

Self-Evaluation and Action Plans by Fields of Expertise
• Individual analyses of “what did I learn?” and “What I need to reinforce and how?”.
• Closing & Next Steps