FIBA U16 Americas Championship

Every year in America, we have different important Tournaments, one of them is the FIBA Americas U16 Championship, this time in Belem, Brazil.

The FIBA Americas Referee Department has nominated 12 referees to participate in this Competition:

Julio Anaya (PAN)
Carlos Peralta (ECU)
Marcos Benito (BRA)
Paola Cuello (DOM)
Romina Morales (ARG)
Grant Todey (USA)
Felipe Valenzuela (CHI)
Gonzalo Salgueiro (URU)
Michael Scott Reed (CAN)
Jesed Díaz (PUR)
Krishna Domínguez (MEX)
Felipe Ibarra (CHI)

Vander Lobosco (BRA)
Leandro Lezcano (ARG)

Referee Coordinator:
Alejandra Gaytán (MEX)

Referees started arriving on June 1st. And by June 2 the activities started as usual for our Officiating Team, very early, with the Fitness preparation. They went out to the hotel for running and sprinting.

But a long day was scheduled, and the next work was on the Paysandu Court of Belem.
Referees started with a Communication skills and Team Building exercise where they had to pass a message and practice their English abilities.

After that they started the Court Drills
The first one was an Individual Officiating Technique exercise, consisting on signaling to the table officials using the voice and the English language while reading the signal code in a post it as you can see in the next video.

Next drill was about 3 Person Officiating and its mechanics: The stages or phases of the Lead rotation.

To finish the court session Referees performed Transitions from Trail to Lead, adding the already practiced phases of rotation and signaling.

And that was not everything, because referees had another meeting where the instructors started talking about Focus and Concentration, showing a Presentation and Videos.


Then, they received Orientation about Fitness and Nutrition, recovery, the use of the Polar System, etc.

As part of the ativities the referees were divided in teams to discuss about different play situations

June 2nd was a very long but very productive Pre Competition day of activities.

Stay tuned to read more about all the work that is gonna be getting done during these days of Tournament.