Pan American Games – Post Game and Feedback


By Alejandra Gaytán

How can Referees and Instructors recognize areas of improvement during a game?

Well, here is where the Feedback received plays a very important role. Asking for and considering feedback is a step toward excellence, a way of developing competence.

The best zones of performance occur when there is immediate feedback, and the Referee Department in Americas is well aware of this. Lately, in every competition from the under 14 championships to the major competitions, some of our Instructors developed the skill to start   using a program that permits having the most important clips of the game, to use during the Post-Game Meeting right after the game finishes while evaluating the referees. Also, there is an increasing number of referees that started using this program, which is helping to improve the Officiating in the Continent.

Feedback is an instrument that helps build self-control and the realization that we can do better. The combination of feedback and deliberate practice is so important.

Referees in America are receiving Feedback from the instructors as soon as the game finishes, taking advantage of the technological resources they have in hand.

For the Pan American Games, we have World Class instructors like Terry Moore and Mike Thomson who are evaluating the Referees while some of them are playing the role as Video Operators too.

Michael Weiland is one of the Referees from this Competition and is sharing his opinion with us about this topic.

Watch the next video to find in our Instructor’s words about all the work that is been doing in Lima, Peru at the 2019 edition of the Pan American Games

Feedback causes a lot of good things to happen, besides saving us from poor performance, better yet, it can guide us to repeat what’s helpful over and over again until it becomes a part of who we are.